Friday, June 14, 2024
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26TH WORLD ENERGY CONGRESS will tale place in Rotterdam in April 2024

26TH WORLD ENERGY CONGRESS will tale place in Rotterdam in April 2024

The maritime industry is awaiting a major energy and NetZero event.

To be held in Rotterdam on 22-25 April 2024, the World Energy Congress is set to mark the first major milestone of the global energy ecosystem since the historic COP28, continuing to demonstrate the power of convening and the urgency of action.

The 2024 programme will explore the breadth and depth of the rapidly evolving energy sector – from shifting technologies and the question of financing to the impact of geopolitics; levers accelerating the energy transition; and the changing needs of energy users.

The programme will revolve around five core topics central to progressing a clean and inclusive energy transition:

  • Navigating new energy maps: Bridging the new and emerging realities of global energy transitions
  • Refuelling the future: Leveraging a greater mix of energy sources, solutions, and services
  • Humanising energy: Engaging people and communities in making global energy transitions happen
  • Pathfinding with the world energy trilemma: Connecting energy security, affordability and sustainability
  • Closing the gaps: Enabling faster, fairer and more far-reaching energy transitions

The 26th World Energy Congress aims to bring together 18,000 attendees, including 7,000 delegates, 70 ministers, C-suite executives, NGOs, experts and academia, entrepreneurs and young energy leaders to reflect on the role of connected energy societies in driving forward global energy transitions.

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