What are the Best Electric Marine Engines

Mercury Electric Avator™ 20e and 35e Electric Outboard Engines Begin Production

The electric outboard marine engine market is rapidly evolving, and several companies were competing to establish themselves as prominent players in this emerging industry.

  • Torqeedo: Torqeedo is one of the leading manufacturers of electric marine propulsion systems. They offer a range of electric outboard motors, including models with various power ratings suitable for different boat sizes and applications. Torqeedo’s products are known for their high efficiency and reliability, and they have gained popularity in both recreational and commercial marine sectors.

  • ePropulsion: ePropulsion is another prominent electric marine propulsion company known for its innovative and technologically advanced electric outboard motors. Their product lineup includes a range of outboard motors featuring compact designs, integrated battery options, and smart connectivity features.

  • Aquawatt: Aquawatt is an Austrian company that specializes in electric marine propulsion systems, including electric outboard motors. They offer a variety of motor options, catering to different boat types and sizes. Aquawatt’s focus on sustainability and eco-friendly solutions has earned them a significant presence in the electric marine industry.

  • Kräutler Elektromaschinen: Kräutler Elektromaschinen, based in Austria, has been manufacturing electric outboard motors for over three decades. Their motors are known for their quality, durability, and efficiency, and they have been used in various marine applications, including boating and marine research.

  • Evoy is a Norwegian company that has gained significant attention for its contributions to the electric marine propulsion industry. They specialize in designing and manufacturing high-power electric propulsion systems, including electric outboard motors and inboard motors. Evoy’s products are renowned for their high-performance capabilities, long-range efficiency, and minimal environmental impact.


There are other manufaturers entering the market, such as Rad Propulsion in the UK and others.

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