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Winners of E-Boat Rally for Electric Boats – Monaco

Monaco Energy Boat Challenge: The First-Ever E-Boat Rally for Electric Boats

This pioneering event, featuring the world’s first E-Boat Rally for electric boats available on the market, aimed to showcase the potential of electric boats and their role in shaping the future of leisure boating.

Apart from traditional challenges like manoeuvrability trials and endurance races, the rally provided a platform for the public to witness the marvels of electric boats. Covering a distance of 16 nautical miles between Monaco and Cala del Forte in Ventimiglia, contestants had the opportunity to recharge their boats if needed and also present them to the Italian public.

Key Features of the E-Boat Rally
Units under 12m: The rally featured electric boats with a length of under 12 meters, showcasing the advancements in compact and efficient electric marine technology.
Alternative Energy Propulsion System: All participating boats were equipped with alternative energy propulsion systems, emphasizing their commitment to reducing environmental impact and reliance on traditional fuels.
Capacity for 3 Persons: Each boat was capable of carrying at least three individuals, promoting practicality and versatility for leisure boating purposes.
Certification Categories: The boats were classified into two categories – CE Certified to Category C (market-ready boat) and Non-certified prototypes, with validation by a technical committee required for the latter.

Several competitions took place.

Overall Winners of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge’s E-Boat Rally:

The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge Open Sea Class showcased some impressive performances by the participating teams in the E-Boat Rally. The top positions were secured by the following teams and their exceptional boats.

RankH2 TeamBow Boat NameCountry
1TU Delft Hydro Motion TeamAurora NED 2 300NED
2VITA – SealSEAL 5 UK 3 225UK
3VITA – SeadogSeadog UK 1 400UK
4AS LABRUNA srl E – VisionE-Vision Lab ITAITA
5edynedyn SLO 4 169SLO
6AS LABRUNA SRL – FuturaFutura ITA 5 127ITA
7Performance Marine x EvoyPerformance e801NOR